Monthly Certified Challenge

We have a challenge for every community member here at Black Cat, to earn one new certification each month. It can take only a few hours. Refer to our each community branch Discord text channel for available information on getting certified in your career trade of choice.

Hello All

Welcome to Black Cat. We're a revitalized community from the good ole' days of the 2000's, and truly dialed back as such to have founding council members ski, tbfreely, and xLogi on board for our rebirth. Whether you're new or a returning member of BlackCatLogistics / BlackCatGaming, we look forward to treating you to all we have to offer. As an educational community, we strive to teach others and reward our community members for learning. As a community of Science, we are strongly influenced by the resourceful practice of utilizing new technology along with everything else we have available to us in order to provide an exceptional presentation of ideas and concepts. We can make a better you or even a better business for you. We believe in all of this and we have plenty of work to do. Please pardon our progress as we take the time needed to officially reestablish our community.

We officially established BlackCatLogistics over a decade ago with the intention of running a small community of big thinkers and problem solvers. We really didn't do a damn thing, and we got a bit ahead of ourselves with the launch of BlackCatGaming not too soon afterward. It should be noted that BlackCatGaming was a successful entertainment community with great people and we look to include BCG here fully as BlackCat's entertainment branch. We're anticipating so much more for everyone involved this time around.

Thank you,