Seasonal Game Fuel Returning

2023 Mountain Dew Game Fuel Flavors

The original style of Mountain Dew Game Fuel will be returning for a limited run in November. This will be the first time in a long while for a seasonal release.

Original seasonal releases had a final run in 2017 and replaced with a different year round Game Fuel lineup starting in 2019, marketed in a energy drink style with 16oz cans, and 4-5 different flavors. This series too was discontinued in 2021. It really just wasn’t as good anyway.

The upcoming release will also see the return of Citrus Cherry which was always one of the two flavors until 2017 when Pepsi decided to release two new flavors for that season. Citrus Cherry is also rumored to be returning to its original, full calorie load recipe last seen in 2015 so happy chug-a-lugging!

The new Game Fuel flavor being released for 2023 is Mystic Punch.

You can read more about this year’s Game Fuel release here.

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