Connecting to BCX with Minecraft Bedrock Edition

With Geyser and Floodgate plugins installed and up to date on our Minecraft server, Bedrock Edition Minecraft players should be able to successfully connect to our Java Edition Server. This gives players on Nintendo Switch, Playstation Consoles, and Xbox Consoles the ability to have a good time with us. However, you have to adjust your console’s network connection settings. Here’s what you’ll need to do..

The accompanying screenshots were generated with a Nintendo Switch.

1. Set manual DNS entries on your console

In your console’s internet connection settings, for whatever network you are using whether it be WiFi or Wired LAN. You will need to set your DNS to Manual and change both the Primary and Secondary DNS to the following..

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

Save your changes

2. Once these settings have been changed, start Minecraft on your console.

3. With the multiplayer server tab visible, select any one of the available servers and select Join Server.

We will not actually be connecting to any of these servers as our manual DNS entries will prevent this from happening. Instead the connection will drop, and Minecraft will present us with a unlocked server manager list. This should really have been available from the start, right Microsoft?

4. Select Manage Server List

We don’t want to simply connect to a server. We want to add a server to our unlocked list that we can access in the future.

5. Add a server

6. Enter for the Server Address.

Keep the default Server Port, 19132. You can <optionally> change the Display name of this server to BlackCatX or whatever you want to call it in the bottom field.

7. Click Submit and back out to the server list

8. Connect to the server

I, Ski, rarely play Minecraft on my Nintendo Switch so it’s very important for you to provide me with any connection issues you may have. With that being said, we have a policy of not updating our Java Edition Server until a Bedrock Edition Client has been pushed. Bedrock Edition is updated automatically on consoles with no way to revert for on demand play and compatibility with our server. Feel free to reach out on Discord anytime for support.

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