Nextcloud is a federated app for cloud storage, like DropBox and Google Drive, but with the ability to host your own server instances. It has compatibility for desktop on Windows, MAC, and Linux along with mobile compatibility for both Android and iOS.

Visit the Nextcloud website for full support and download options.

During the client installation, type a server from the list below and authenticate with your provided credentials.

Nextcloud instances on Black Cat

NextCloud provides the ability to add multiple servers to your installation. This can only be done after installing the client. You’ll need to access the client through the icon placed on your desktop, (1) Select your profile, and (2) click Add Account as seen below.

Upon completing the client installation on Windows, you will also have access to your share through File Explorer as seen below. For my installation, I did not choose to sync files to my computer immediately so this is reflected with the cloud icon statuses, meaning that the files are only available on the share. I if were to access any of the files, they would immediately download and open.